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Why Choose
Trade Pro Securities?

Our Clients are able to enjoy a wide range of cost savings and benefits by utilizing our services.


Our technology is often able to source liquidity beyond 100% of the exposed bids or offers. Our system is able to monitor quoted spreads to find hidden liquidity. In addition, by identifying repeat market participants we are able to efficiently find deeper pools of existing liquidity providing our clients the highest possible fill rates.


We are able to search for liquidity, without ever exposing our clients or their bids or offers.  By using our own agency only Market Participant Identifier all orders are
sent to the various market participants as TradePro Securities.

Market Access

On a single seamless connection with TradePro, our clients are able to connect to every exchange, over 50 dark pools and our liquidity partners without inhouse technology, expensive membership costs, connectivity fees, port charges and alike.

Price Improvement

Our market sensitive technology is able to seek liquidity between the quoted spreads resulting in executions with a higher percentage of price improvement along with the lowest possible execution costs.

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