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Trade Solutions

TradePro Securities Inc is a unique agency only broker dealer specializing in customized routing solutions for broker dealers, institutional clients and large trading groups.

About Us

Each member of our sophisticated team has over 25 years experience in equity trading, arbitrage, and routing solutions.  We coupled our vast years of experience with customized routing technology and risk control.  


Our routing technology and risk controls provide an extremely efficient combination of low-latency trading with enhanced pre-trade risk control.  Our platform combines quantitative analysis and market micro-structure expertise with real-time compliance and risk management solutions. This allows our algorithms to minimize market impact and transaction costs, maximize liquidity capture and protect investors from predatory or manipulative trading.

TradePro is able to search and access liquidity by routing to various dark pools, market makers and all exchanges to successfully deliver the best execution possible for our clients.

Our goal is to combine the best execution with the lowest cost possible, optimizing client objectives.

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